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President / Founder

Jason Hamlin Ministries International, Inc.

Jason’s Dream“Until All Are Fed!”

P.O. Box 700360 • Tulsa, OK 74170-0360 • USA •

Ph: (918) 270-1700 • e-mail: info@jasonhamlin.org

As of 2012, Jason Hamlin has traveled to over 100 nations bringing the message of hope and reformation to people in every walk of life.  Leading evangelistic crusades and meetings throughout the world, Jason has seen the power of God manifested through countless salvations, healing, signs and wonders.

Empowered to ignite your passion and zeal for the things of God, Jason's dynamic, prophetic teaching imparts divine inspiration to believers of all ages, while drawing the lost to Christ.  Jason carries a strong anointing for increase and favor, impacting the Body of Christ to experience the supernatural abundance of God.  Jason's desire is to see people understand who they are in Christ, their inheritance in Christ and how to walk it out in their everyday life.

Jason is also the Founder of Jason’s Dream …Until All Are Fed! a feeding ministry which began in 2001 with Starbucks Coffee Company in Irvine, California.  By 2005 while based in California, 10,000 - 15,000 people were receiving food each week in Los Angeles, Orange County and Mexico.  Over 40 tons of food was given away each week to ministries and those who did not have enough for themselves or their families.  In 2007 the Lord instructed Jason to relocate to Tulsa, Oklahoma to be centrally located in the middle of America.  Since its inception over 9 million people have been fed with food and aid being trucked into Tulsa from all 48 states.

In every generation there is a remnant who dares to believe!  Jason's bold and powerful messages will convict, inspire and challenge you to be all that God has called you to be - in this life and beyond!

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