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Jason Hamlin

As of 2012, Jason Hamlin has traveled to over 100 nations, bringing the message of hope and reformation to people of every walk in life. Leading evangelistic crusades and meetings throughout the world, Jason has seen the power of God manifest through countless salvations, healing, signs and wonders.

Empowered to ignite your passion and zeal for the things of God, Jason's dynamic, prophetic teaching imparts divine inspiration to believers of all ages, while drawing the lost to Christ.



Jason carries a strong anointing for increase and favor, impacting the Body of Christ to experience the supernatural abundance of God.

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In every generation there is a remnant who dares to believe! Jason's bold and powerful messages will convict, inspire and challenge you to be all that God has called you to be - in this life and beyond!

Jason's passionate pursuit to share the love of God with others stems directly from his own Salvation experience at the age of 25. Growing up on the basketball courts of Southern California, all Jason knew of God was what the nuns taught him in Catholic school. Jason had no understanding that he could have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

His early years showed a talent for basketball and an excellence in the classroom, even being nominated as student body president. Throughout his teenage years, not knowing a better way, Jason became involved with all that the world had to offer. By the age of 23, Jason made a personal decision to leave his destructive lifestyle, not knowing what was soon to take place.

By 1993, the desire to become an actor was leading Jason to Hollywood when he was intercepted by an elderly lady at The Cheesecake Factory in Newport Beach. This stranger boldly announced that she was going to pray Jason into the Kingdom! Jason did not know what kingdom she was referring to, so heartily agreed and went on with his day.

Soon after, due to Jason's own quest to understand his life purpose and know if God was real, Jason had a "road to Damascus" experience when he met God at the end of the 56 Street jetty in Newport Beach. From that point on Jason's life was radically changed, and would never be the same.

A few weeks after getting saved, Jason found himself on the front row of Bible College with several Christian people who seemed to be "saved since Noah." Not knowing Genesis from Revelation, Jason began and completed the two years of Bible College with an "A" average. Directly after graduation Jason was found preaching in the jungles of Thailand, taking his first step into full time ministry.

Since then, Jason has had a nonstop desire to travel to all corners of the earth preaching and demonstrating the reality of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Fueled by a call to the nations of the Middle East and the dangerous places of the earth, Jason has built a reputation of going where most dare not. Not limited by what is seen around him, Jason has given his life to preaching and demonstrating the gospel through his itinerant traveling ministry and ... Jason’s Dream - Until All Are Fed! feeding outreach.

Jason Hamlin's Testimony

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